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Jack Clark, CPA is both educated in accounting and experienced in auditing. As the only CPA (Cert #41753seeking the Auditor nomination from any party, Jack is uniquely qualified to start on day one, ensuring North Carolina tax dollars are used efficiently and effectively. 


Jack earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics, with minors in Statistics and Political Science, from Duke University. He earned a Master of Accounting in the audit track from UNC-Chapel Hill.


After obtaining his Masters, Jack worked as an external auditor for Grant Thornton, working with multibillion dollar corporations and small startups alike. This role prepares Jack to work with the largest agencies to the smallest municipalities.

Jack then transitioned into an internal audit role for a large, multinational company, where he helped prepare the company for SOX readiness. This role prepares Jack to help everywhere his team audits set up controls and processes to maintain their finances more effectively.

Feeling God calling him into public service, Jack now works on budget policy in the General Assembly. He has witnessed the budget being crafted, and now knows where the money is supposed to go, which gives him a leg up on auditing where it does go.

Jack resides in Wake County with his wife, Nicole. They attend and serve at King's Table Church in Raleigh. They enjoy spending time trying new restaurants and watching Duke and NC State games. They are expecting the birth of their first child this summer.



As a former auditor, Jack has a strong understanding of how auditors can help organizations run their financial departments more effectively. While bringing wrongdoers to justice is one priority, Jack recognizes that most public sector employees simply want to perform their jobs to the best of their abilities. Jack's goal is to ensure that these citizens have the tools they need to properly serve North Carolina. Jack would like to remove the historically negative connotation of the word "audit" and instead show everyone how this role can benefit everyday people.

Jack also believes that the State Auditor should be agile and responsive to the changes happening in the audit profession. Jack will modernize the methods and tools used, such as utilizing more data analytics. Jack will also welcome the next generation of accountants with novel ideas to keep North Carolina at the forefront of the audit profession.

Jack truly wants to serve all North Carolinians. His vision is for an audit department that works FOR you, not one that is out to get you.

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