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Important Q & A

Why is having a CPA important?
A CPA (Certified Public Accountant) license is the premier certification for accountants. Obtaining a CPA requires passing four exams, one of which is ‘Audit’.
The Audit exam was Jack's highest score, his focus in his Master's in Accounting program, and the career path he took within accounting (as opposed to tax, financial reporting, or business).
In addition, a CPA has run the Audit department since 2004, with an experienced auditor in charge since 1992. This department has strong audit skills, which Jack will harness to good use.
Jack's CPA certificate number is 41753 listed under his legal name.

Who will Jack audit first?
Making a campaign promise to ‘go after certain areas is bad audit policy for various reasons. It biases the auditor to find things that may not exist, it biases those audited to be combative rather than collaborative, and it biases the public to see you as pursuing political ends rather than true, unbiased accountability. Any candidate who tells you specifically who they are going to audit does not understand the mindset it take to be State Auditor.

How will Jack decide who to audit?
Jack will review factors such as recency of last audit, amount of state funds involved, importance to the functioning of the state, and other risk factors. Over the last 15 years, the previous auditor will have had blind spots, and Jack's first goal after being elected will be to find those areas.

About the State Auditor Election

What is a "State Auditor"?
North Carolina's state auditor is in charge of reviewing the finances of local governments and state agencies to ensure that your tax dollars are used for their intended purpose.

Why do we elect this position?
A state auditor elected by the people is accountable to the people, whose tax dollars are being used

What is at stake in this election?
This role requires someone who understands the audit process and will lead the department with the highest standard of integrity, without any bias or personal agenda.

Why should you elect Jack?
Jack Clark is the only candidate with a CPA and a career in auditing. He has the passion, integrity, and experience needed to be State Auditor.

The Bottom Line

Jack is the only candidate running for State Auditor who is educated, trained, and experienced in auditing. He is the only candidate with a Masters in Accounting, a CPA, and audit experience. Jack understands the mindset and approach the State Auditor must bring to the position. Legal experience does not prepare someone for auditing. Do not be misled: Jack is the only truly qualified candidate.
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