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About the State Auditor Election

What is a "State Auditor"?
North Carolina's state auditor is in charge of reviewing the finances of local governments and state agencies to ensure that your tax dollars are used for their intended purpose.

Why do we elect this position?
A state auditor elected by the people is accountable to the people, whose tax dollars are being used

What is at stake in this election?
Our current auditor has lost the trust of the people. This election will decide whether someone with the highest standard of integrity will ensure the integrity of agencies across the state.

Why should you elect Jack?
Jack Clark is the only declared Republican candidate with a CPA and a career in auditing. He has the passion, integrity, and experience needed to be State Auditor.

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December Events

4th - Filing Period Start Date

5th - Wilkes GOP Christmas Party

7th - Johnston County GOP

8th - District 14 Convention

19th - Guilford GOP Lunch Forum

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